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(127) Neda and Noor Kenedy

Name:                  Neda and Noor Kennedy
Country:              Australia
City:                     South Yarra, Victoria
Email address:   neda dot kennedy at gmail dot com
Photo:                 Gilan Rural Heritage Eco museum, Rasht, Iran
Itinerary:             4 Days Tonkabon to Kandovan
Date:                    4th Nov-7th Nov 


Hassan was our tour guide for the North part of our Iran trip, and we could not recommend him more highly. His enthusiasm for northern Iran made the region a highlight for us, especially in the Gilan Regional Museum. As a guide he is friendly and easygoing, and took a great deal of care to ensure that we were comfortable. We also stayed a night at his home in Ebrahimsara, which was very clean and warm. He is fluent in English, but was very patient with helping Noor practise her Persian. Unfortunately we weren't aware that Hassan is available to guide tourists across the whole of Iran, but we would recommend that future travellers take this opportunity. Thank you Hassan, we hope to see you again soon.

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  EbrahimSara village - Rasht - Gilan - IRAN

Phone: +98 911 136 7796


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