Name:       Prueller's brothers, Klara and Veronika 
Country:   Austria
Date:        14 Jul 2008
Photo:      EbrahimSara village, Rasht.

Name:       Claudio, Karin & Gerhild
Country:   Austria & Italy
Date:         6-10, Apr. 2009
Photo:       Kandovan, Tabriz

Name:       Ravi  
Country:   Austria
City:          Wien             
Date:        7th - 11th Aug. 2005  
Photo:      EbrahimSara Village (Paddies Field), Rasht.

Name:      Margot & Alois

Country:   Austria

City:         Wien

Date:        29 May - 12 Jun 2010

Photo:      Esfahan, 33 Bridge


We, 2 people from Austria, travelled through Iran from 29 May to 12 June 2010 together with our guide Hassan. We drove with his perfect car over 3500 km from Teheran to Qom, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan to Rasht, at the Caspian Sea.

We have seen a lot of beautiful places und buildings and we met many nice people. People in Iran are very pleasant and friendly. They like to speak with tourists and we had no problems to take photos together with them.

Hassan helped us in planning the route, finding hotels and he was competent and informed all the time. He brought us closer to Iran and its people.

We made a lot of photos and therefore we changed sometimes our planning.

Hassan himself is a sensitive person and he has never ignored our wishes.

We have travelled a lot around the world, but for us, Hassan was one of the best guides we have ever met. We can recommend Hassan in any case. 


Name :      Franz
Country:    Austria
Date:         30th Aug. 1999
Photo:       Rasht, EbrahimSara village

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