Name:       Kris
Country:   Belgium
Date:        14 May 2010
Photo:      Rasht, EbrahimSara village

Name:      Wim
Country:  Belgium
Email:      mickythai at btinternet dot com
website:  wim underline vanallemeersch at yahoo dot com
Date:        7-9 Oct. 2009 
"I'm an independent traveller and was looking for a host in the environment of Rasht. I ended up sharing some interesting time with Hassan and his friendly family next door. I didn't use Hassan's guiding services because I wanted to discover things myself (as a cyclist). Although I know that having a knowledgeable guide like him would have had much added value. His English is fluent and he's well equipped (good car). For example in the event of meeting a cleric he explained me the different words used in Iran with their connations to name a such a person. His explanation was very interesting and you won't find this in any book. If ever I want a guide in Iran Hassan will definitely be my first choice. He's a perfect blend of Iranian tradition and Western style and way of thinking, so you feel very comfortable as a Western tourist. It was also very clear that guiding tourists is not his business, it's his passion and his natural way of life. That's the kind of guide you need!"

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