Name:      Alexis
Country:   France
Date:        6-9 Oct. 2007
Photo:      Braeking fast in Ramadan, EbrahimSara village, with my family.

Name:      Corinne Eymond
Country:  France
Email:      corinne at sahasrara dot info
Date:       11th - 14th May 2007
Photo:      Rasht, Rural Heritage EcoMuseum
After I had a two-year contact by e-mail with Hassan, he helped me to organize my trip and to go around, showed me some good places near Rasht, and gave me many good advises about the sites to visit. 
Besides being honest and very professional, he takes his job to heart. He knows very well Iran and loves to share it with travelers, being at the same time opened to our needs and our interests. That’s why I strongly recommend him as a tour leader, so you can appreciate his human value and benefit from his proficiency and his flexibility.

Name:      Bertrand & Laurent     
Country:   France   
Date:        1st - 7th Oct. 2001
Photo:      Gilan Local tea house, Haji Baba.

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