Name:      Emilia & Michael
Country:  Germany
Date:        6-9 May 2008

Name:        Robert & Manfred
Country:   Germany
Date:        19 - 22 June 2009
Photo:       Rasht, Masouleh

Name:        Anet & Urska
Country:   Germany & Slovenia
Date:         3-4 Mar. 2009
Photo:        Rasht, Masouleh

Name:        Thomas  
Country:     Germany
Date:          31st Aug. & 1st Sep. 2004 
Photo:        EbrahimSara village, Rasht, Rice harvesting.

Name:       Claudia & Teichi       
Country:    Germany
Date:         2nd-6th Dec. 2001
Photo:       Rasht, EbrahimSara village

Name:       Doris & Christine
Country:   Germany
Date:        5-8 May 2009
Photo:      Rasht, Gilan Rural Heritage Eco museum

Name:      Werner
Country:   Germany
Date:        3-8 Jul. 2008
Photo:      Rasht, Gilan Rural Heritage Eco musem

Name:       Marlies Lanzedelli
Country:   Germany
Email:       marlies dot lanzedelli at web dot de 
Date:         9 - 29 April 2008 
Photo:       Esfahan, Abbasi Hotel

I’m a single woman and spent together with Hassan 3 weeks in April traveling around the Iran. We visited Teheran, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Hamadan and Rasht.

I really enjoyed this 3 weeks together with Hassan very, very much. I respect his knowledge of his home country, his responsibility for his clients, his sense of humor (!!!!!!) and the kind of hospitality that he and his whole family offered to me. And in any way he is very honest and very, very friendly.

I traveled already round the world but never before I found that kind of friendly and helpful people. Together with the history, the culture and the art of the Iran it was really one of my favorite holiday - experiences!! ... And I hope I will return soon.

So I recommend traveling to the Iran to anybody - and you can really upgrade your journey when you travel around with Hassan!!

If you look for any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Email: marlies dot lanzedelli at web dot de

Name:        Martina
Country:   Germany
Date:         29-30 June and 5-6 July 2009
Photo:        Lahijan Green Roof

Name:       Juergen Boehler
Country:    Germany
Email:        juergen at boehler dot net dot tc 
Date:         27th - 30th Oct  2002
Website:   www.printedmotors.com
Photo:       Masouleh
Salam Hassan,
I wanted to thank you again for arranging my trip and guiding me through Gilan in October 2002. It was an excellent adventure and very well organized. I really enjoyed the tour around Rasht, Masouleh, Bandar-e Anzali and "Lahiijan by Night".
You drove - at this time you still had your Peykan :) - and guided me with great skill and good cheer, and helped me communicate with Iranian (Gilan!) people.
The few days I spent with Shadi, Aryan and yourself was an beautiful experience by having the opportunity to take a closer look into Iranian society and enjoying the original Gilan food. 
I will recommend you and your agency to friends traveling to Iran, and I look forward to planning another trip there as well.

Name:      Felix
Country:   Germany
Date:        2-3 Jun 2006
Photo:      Rasht, EbrahimSara village

Name:       Soren Faika & Simon
Country:   Germany
City:          Hamburg
Email:       soeren dot faika at gmail dot com     
Date:        20-22 Sep 2010
Photo:      Anahita Temple, Kangavar, Iran.


Hassan is a great tour guide ! I think he is the best you can find in Iran to do whatever you want ! He really tries everything to make your wishes come true, so dont hesitate to have a impressive journey with him in a wonderful country ! Greetings!

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