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(5) Juergen

Name:       Juergen Boehler
Country:    Germany
Email:        juergen at boehler dot net dot tc 
Date:         27th - 30th Oct  2002
Website:   www.printedmotors.com
Photo:       Masouleh
Salam Hassan,
I wanted to thank you again for arranging my trip and guiding me through Gilan in October 2002. It was an excellent adventure and very well organized. I really enjoyed the tour around Rasht, Masouleh, Bandar-e Anzali and "Lahiijan by Night".
You drove - at this time you still had your Peykan :) - and guided me with great skill and good cheer, and helped me communicate with Iranian (Gilan!) people.
The few days I spent with Shadi, Aryan and yourself was an beautiful experience by having the opportunity to take a closer look into Iranian society and enjoying the original Gilan food. 
I will recommend you and your agency to friends traveling to Iran, and I look forward to planning another trip there as well.

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