Name:       Vibha Jain
Country:   India
Email:       vibhaj98 at yahoo dot com

Website:  www.natureswaycosmetics.com

Date:         27 Feb. 2010  -  9 Mar. 2010    
Photo:       Shiraz, Necropolis



I travelled solo with Hassan Mohit in Feb. – Mar. 2011 and I can say he was simply the best person to take one around; he is patient, knowledgeable and an excellent driver. I saw the best of Iran with Hassan and he is hugely responsible for my successful Iran trip.

Name:       Sam Sharma
Country:   India
Website:   www.shinestarsinternational.com/
Email:       sharma at shinestarsinternational dot com 
Date:         11-13 Oct. 2012
Photo:      Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Naghshe Jahan Sq., Isfahan

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