Name:       Nadia & Andre
Country:   Italy
Date:         8-9 June 2009
Photo:       Caspian Sea
Name:       Luciano & Laura  
Country:   Italy
City:            Milan 
Date:        13 Apr. - 3 May 2009      
Dear Traveller,
If you are planning a tour in Iran and you are looking for a professional guide and driver Hassan Mohit can solve your problems. We spent three weeks in Iran visiting historical cities and looking up to wonderful landscapes from the desert in the south to the green valleys in the north. For three weeks Hassan Mohit was our guide and driver, we remember him with fondness and esteem for his method in order to plane a tour, knowledge about the ancients’ cultures, punctuality, good temper, for his good English, and at last but not al least for his smiling. During our tours in different countries we found good guides but nobody, at the end of a hard day, presented a smile to us.

Name:       Claudio, Karin & Gerhild
Country:   Italy and Austria 
Date:         6-10, Apr. 2009
Photo:       Kandovan, Tabriz

Name:       Silvia and Enrico
Country:   Italy
Email:        silvia_solda at yahoo dot it
Date:         1st - 18th Aug. 2006
Photo:       Kerman, Kaluts
When we decided to visit Iran in June 2006 we were at the same time fascinated by Persian culture and a little worried for what we had heard about Iran from western media. When we got there, we saw from the very first moment how stupid all our concerns were! Persian people are so friendly and you will be stopped and asked all about your country every ten steps!
Hassan has been so precious in getting us to know and understand Persian culture and people uses and habits. He picked us up from Shiraz airport and we spent almost three weeks traveling all around the country with his car. We had the time of our life during this journey. We had many really good laughs together and we came back home with some Persian singers' cd (and also with more than 800 pictures)!
Hassan is an excellent guide and a very nice and honest guy. When we visit the Northern part of Iran (where he lives), we stayed by his house and we really felt like part of the family.
What else to say... just go to Iran and you will enjoy all of it!!

Name:      Bruna & Natalinoi
Country:   Italy
Date:        22 Dec. – 7 Nov.  2005
Photo:     Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Mahan, Kerman.

Name:         Andrea 
Country:    Italy
Email:        Andrea dot petrella at libero dot it
Date:          7-9 Aug. 2009 
Photo:       Caspian Sea


"My whole experience in Iran was so great! The land is something splendid: everywhere you are breathing the smell of its ancient history; people

are so friendly and kind and you can see from the light of their eyes the pleasure they feel when talking to you; the food is so delicious (and being Italian I believe I can say that...).

Hassan drove me in the North of Iran for 3 days: we had so much fun! Places were beautiful, people liked taking pictures with me, and I even got an interview for a TV Program (!!). 

The first thing I got from Hassan was his very friendly manners: not only is he a professional tour guide, but he looks like a close friend, ready to make jokes. This is something I really appreciated since the very beginning, because it helped breaking the distance and made everything much more enjoyable! He is definitely a very good friend who
's leading you around Iran with his professionality and knowledge of the country! And my experience in Iran became something unique!! Surely a person I would like to meet again to enjoy a new and even longer journey!

For sure I will be back to Iran and I would like to be lead by Hassan again (by the way, there should be some girls waiting for me somewhere (but I do not know where!!) in the North-West!!And since you just remember the city, I am definitely in need of you!!).

Thanks again and till very soon!!"


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