(83) Andrea

Name:         Andrea 
Country:    Italy
Email:        Andrea dot petrella at libero dot it
Date:          7-9 Aug. 2009 
Photo:       Caspian Sea


"My whole experience in Iran was so great! The land is something splendid: everywhere you are breathing the smell of its ancient history; people

are so friendly and kind and you can see from the light of their eyes the pleasure they feel when talking to you; the food is so delicious (and being Italian I believe I can say that...).

Hassan drove me in the North of Iran for 3 days: we had so much fun! Places were beautiful, people liked taking pictures with me, and I even got an interview for a TV Program (!!). 

The first thing I got from Hassan was his very friendly manners: not only is he a professional tour guide, but he looks like a close friend, ready to make jokes. This is something I really appreciated since the very beginning, because it helped breaking the distance and made everything much more enjoyable! He is definitely a very good friend who
's leading you around Iran with his professionality and knowledge of the country! And my experience in Iran became something unique!! Surely a person I would like to meet again to enjoy a new and even longer journey!

For sure I will be back to Iran and I would like to be lead by Hassan again (by the way, there should be some girls waiting for me somewhere (but I do not know where!!) in the North-West!!And since you just remember the city, I am definitely in need of you!!).

Thanks again and till very soon!!"


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