Tourist:     Jakeline
Country:   Japan
Date:        13th Nov. 2005
Photo:      Masouleh

Hassan is very generous, kind and welcoming guide, with lots of knowledge and enthusiasm. And for girls who are traveling alone in Iran like me, note that he is completely trustworthy and highly reliable!
I took his tour around Rasht and it was such a fantastic experience for me to visit this beautiful place. I travelled many places in Iran from north to south and east to west, and I can tell you that Rasht and around is very special. Fantastic view, its atmosphere, the one of the best among Iran and definitely worth a visit.
However the transport is not easy to reach, so I was really fortunate to meet Hassan to take his tour, and if you don't speak Farsi (Persian) don't worry, Hassan speaks prefect English!!
I would like to recommend Hassan as the best guide in the region, could be even the best among the guides in Iran that I have met, with his great English skills and knowledge, moreover he is very welcoming, such a nice person. 
I highly recommend him, hope you enjoy Iran with his tour...I am hoping to see him and his family in my next visit.
Iran is so fantastic; you should see the best of it!

Name:       Rie Bostjan
Email:        bostjan dot krasovec at chello dot be
Country:   Japan & Slovenia
Date:        10 Sep. 2008
Photo:      Alamut Castle



We spent only one night at Hassan’s home village and one full day with him on the road from Rasht to Alamut but we have enjoyed this time a lot.
Hassan was an excellent company – reliable, knowledgeable, patient and helpful. After spending a pleasant day at Alamut he helped us finding an onward overnight transport from Qazvin to Tabriz.
Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed travelling around Iran and will gladly come back for more. Rie & Bostjan

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