New Zealand

Name:       Emma
Country:   New Zealand
Date:        29-31 Mar. 2009
Photo:      EbrahimSara village, Rasht.

Name:        Gill, Lucy and Simon

Country:    New Zealand

City:           Wellington

Email:        gill dot bailey at gmail dot com

website:    http://www.middleeast.school.nz/index.php/images/

Photo:       Masouleh, Gilan.

Date:         8-9 Jan. 2010



 When filming and writing an educational resource on the Middle East for schools, my son, daughter and I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Hassan Mohit, a tour guide based in Rasht. We could not have had a better guide to the area in which we travelled. Hassan has an excellent command of English, is an excellent driver and has an excellent knowledge of Iranian history, geography and culture ... so many excellences!  Hassan drives in all areas of Iran and we hope to return one day and, with this very personable man, discover more of the wonders that Iran has to offer.

Gillian Bailey,
New Zealand

Name:           Fay, Judy & Brenda
Country:        New Zealand
Website:      www.grassroots.net.nz
Date:             19 Mar. - 17 Apr. 2010   
Photo:            Iranian Picnic/nature day, Uraman, Kurdistan

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