Name:      Anna and Yarno Pyne 
Country:  Poland and Australia
Email:      yarno32 at yahoo dot com dot au
Date:       28th – 30th July 2006
Photo:     Lahijan, Green Roof
I was very fortunate to meet, stay with and be guided by Hassan in his hometown near Rasht in Iran.  Hassan greeted me and my traveling companions like he would great an old friend.  We were very welcomed into his house.
I was unsure what to expect of the people and their attitude towards western foreigners when I arrived in Iran.  However, I found Hassan and the many people we met through him all to be very trustworthy, polite and everyone was incredibly friendly toward us.
My friends and I had short time in Rasht, but in that small amount of time he was still able to show us some great things in the area. Like the Holy Shrine in the neighboring town and also to Lahijan where we could go on a cable car to get great views over the city.
 I am very thankful and feel myself to be fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet such a helpful person.  It is a shame I had to leave as my time in Iran is so short, but should I return to this great country I know I shall meet up with Hassan and his family again.

Name:         Weronika & Adam
Country:       Poland
Date:           13-14 Jul. 2009
Photo:          EbrahimSara village, Rasht with Mr. Salimi.

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