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Name:        Pavel
Country:    Russia
Date:         11th - 16th Mar. 2005
Photo:       Imam Hossein Sq., Rasht.

Name:      Natasha & Gosha 
Country:  Russia
Email:       krasnikow at avp dot travel dot ru
Date:        3th - 4th Jan. 2008
Photo:      Gilan Rural Heritage EcoMuseum, Rasht
We are Gosha & Natasha from Moscow. Hassan was a very good guide for us. He explained a lot of different things which a traveller must know about Iran: about special east traditions, food, money and many other things. We visited with him museums, banks, shops - and everywhere we can't imagine how we could manage without him. Hassan has a very good english, and if you don't know the language at a very good level he will find words and expressions in english, which you know. So, if you are not a very good english speaker, no difference - Hassan will be a good guide for you in spite of it. Also, Hassan has a very good sence of humor. He is not like an ordinary guide. He will be a real friend for you during your travel around Iran.

Name:      Victor and friends      
Country:   Russia  
Date:        2nd - 22nd Jun. 1995
Photo:      Takistan, Qazvin.

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