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Dress Code

Dress and what to wear:

Before visiting Iran make sure you have got appropriate clothing, which comply with the prevailing cultural norms of Iran.

Please see the sample photos.


Due to the Islamic rules, all Iranian & foreign females over the age of 9 appearing in public should cover their hair & wear a dress that covers the body.

Women should wear non-transparent, loose garments covering all their bodies except for the hands and face. Socks are optional too.

Most Iranian women wear a Manteau and headscarf; some still use the chador. 
Foreign women visitors mostly wear a Manteau or loose knee-length jacket and headscarf.

Color is a free choice, but red, orange, pink or similar colors are not put on during national or private sad occasions.

Trousers must be up to ankle.

Men should put on non-transparent garments too. They may wear short or long sleeve shirts. Short trousers are strictly prohibited.


- Both sexes should dress more conservatively if visiting mosques and religious buildings.


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