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Iran has always had a vast amount to offer the travelers. For culture seekers, there are magnificent ruins of ancient cities, such as Persepolis, and others where you can roam around, often alone; glorious mosques and mausoleums, usually set in majestic gardens; and museums covering every conceivable matter of interest. The more adventurous, can enjoy trekking among the surprisingly exten­sive mountain ranges. Sou­venir hunters will revel in limitless displays of ceramics, miniature paintings and, of course, the renowned Persian carpets.
Iran is easy to explore: it boasts an inexpensive network of everything you need in your travel. And there is a good range of accommodation in most places visitors will want to go. For some, the major attraction is that travel is cheap, and Iran represents extremely good value for your hard-earned dollar.
 Forget the images of fervent anti-western marches and secret police: Iran is a remark­ably safe country to travel around, and Iranians, including the police and military, are very friendly. Women should hold no fears: if you dress and act according to the admittedly strict local rules, you will be well treated.
Iran will appeal to any genuine traveler ­whether rich or poor, who is prepared to respect the local people and their traditions, to be open-minded, and to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances. If you are one of these, post-revolutionary Iran is one of the most exciting, fascinating, welcoming, rewarding and, frankly, inexpensive countries yet to be 'discovered' by tourists. And now is the time to go.

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